• How long does registration take to complete?

    Answer: Generally 3-10 days. The influenced mainly on the timeframe to complete the Supplier product or services 'mapping' requirements within the McDonalds Accounts Payable system.

  • The types of supply don't match exactly what I do?

    Answer: This is known limitation in the current system. Just pick the one that's close and if necessary add a note to the line description field or use the 'free text' entry option (via the "Add Additional Information" button).

  • I have changed some of my details - what do I do?

    Answer: ABN or IRD/GST number: You need to register on-line as McDonalds uses the company registration number as a unique company identifier.

    General contact details: Send through an email to McDonalds eInvoicing Helpdesk in your country of supply with the new details

    For Australian Suppliers this is au.support@b2be.com
    For NZ Suppliers this is nz.support@b2be.com

    The Helpdesk will arrange the changes with McDonalds and confirm via email when it's complete or if it requires further information to complete.

    Username - This is McDonald's vendor ID and can only be changed after consultation directly with McDonalds. Refer to McDonalds contact list.

    Bank details - In addition to entering the data on-line, please send fax on company letter head with the new details to +61 2 9875 6561

  • Why can't I find a specific store on the web?

    Answer: Please check with McDonalds ASG Team for the updated store listing. If the status of the store is 'L' means it's a License Store and you need to send the invoice to them directly. If the status of the store id 'M', you should be able to find it on the web. Contact the relevant McDonalds Help Desk if further assistance is required.

  • Why can't I find a specific store in the PDF list?

    Answer: If it's not indicated in either location, please contact the McDonalds Helpdesk for further assistance as this may be a new store which may not have been updated in the McDonalds system.

  • What is the Head Office Approval Code?

    Answer: This is for Head Office department invoicing only. If it's a store invoice then just leave this field blank. If it's Head Office department invoice, please check the Head Office Approval Codes PDF file with McDonalds ASG Team. Search for the person's name who ordered the item from your company. If you cannot find that person then you will need to get directly in contact with McDonalds Head Office in your country (or State if in Australia) to determine this.

  • I can't find the Head Office in the store list but I know the persons name who ordered the product.

    Answer: Search by the first name for this person in Head Office Approval Code pdf file and you will find the corresponding Department number. Then do a search with this number in the 'store' search box and you should find the Head Office name and address.

  • What should I do if I submit an incorrect invoice?

    Answer: You can send a credit note to McDonald's with all the same information to reverse the original invoice. A credit note in the McDonald's system is an invoice with 'negative' value.

  • General Contact Details

    The first point of contact for other than Vendor related payments is as shown in the 'Changed Details' section noted above.

    For any enquiries about Vendor payments (e.g. settlement times, amounts etc.) please contact the McDonald's Accounts Department on (02) 9875 7155. Please note that B2BE Help Desk's in Australia or New Zealand are unable to answer questions regarding Vendor Payment matters.

    The McDonalds Shared Services Group is the main contact for general vendor queries.

     B2BE Help Desk Support
     Australian Suppliers  Email:   au.support@b2be.com
     Ph:   (03) 9684 0033
     Fax:   (03) 9686 6188
     New Zealand Suppliers  Email:   nz.support@b2be.com
     Ph:   (09) 969 2137
     Fax:   (09) 912 2202
     McDonalds Australia Limited
     Australia Shared Services Group Call Centre    Email:   asg.services@au.mcd.com
     Ph:   +61 2 9875 7155
     McDonalds Restaurants New Zealand Limited
     New Zealand Shared Services Group Call Centre    Email:   asg.services@au.mcd.com
     Ph:   +64 9 539 4306